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Are there any hidden fees we will have to pay?

No hidden fees, everything will be presented to you up front before you sign the contract.  There are no “cost per mile” or “idle hours” fees.

How do you handle music selection on wedding day? 

A questionnaire is sent to the bride and groom 6-8 weeks out from their wedding.  From there they can choose special songs & playlist for their wedding day!

What is your DJ mixing style like?

I beat match songs together to create a seamless transition between all the songs during dancing.  Another thing I do is maintain a versatile playlist full of songs that are fast and slow, making sure the dancefloor won’t tire out early or get bored.  This keeps people moving on the dancefloor, instead of heading back to their seats!

How do you handle a diverse crowd?

Because of the amount of experience and diverse events I have been a part of, I can have everyone dancing.  Mixing from Motown to Top-40, Country to 90s Hip Hop, or 80s Rock to 2000’s hits, everyone can have a blast on the dancefloor!

Do you take request?

As long as you'd like me to, then yes!  I generally will filter request so that your cousin Dave doesn’t kill the dancefloor with “Freebird”, but I will always try my best to play request as they come in.  This goes without saying, but any request from a bride & groom, or their wedding party, generally gets moved to the top of the list.  

When will you arrive for setup?

This is somewhat of a case by case basis, depending on the amount of production and venue.  The general rule is at least 2.5 hours prior to an event start, which will leave roughly an hour for cushion time.

How does your relationship with ECE work?

EastCoast Entertainment (ECE) is a full service entertainment agency.  They handle all of my contracting and pricing so that we can focus on the important things (like you!).  Another benefit is the roster of talent they have.  Should a unexpected emergency happen prior to your event, they will work to cover your event with another DJ, however this has never needed to be exercised in the past.  They help me provide a professional level of service above anyone else!

What attire do you wear for events?

For most events (Wedding, Corporate, or anything requiring formal wear) we will wear my three-piece black suit.  For less formal events, we wear a black polo with black pants to maintain a professional look.

Can we send you a spotify (or other)  playlist?

For ceremony / cocktail hour / dinner you have the option to choose from one of my premade playlist or create your own to make the evening uniquely yours.  For dancing, you can still send the playlist and I would be happy to play directly from the list if you’d like.  However I have found the best formula to be 10-15 songs you’d like to hear and 10-15 songs you don’t want to hear.  The more songs the “must play” list has, the more restricted we are on reading & adapting to the crowd.

How do we pay our remaining balance?

Once you’ve paid your 50% balance to secure the date, you don’t have to pay anything until the day of the event.  We accept almost every form of payment, minus credit / debit cards.  Your ECE contract will have further information about payments.  We do not include gratuity in our contract terms.  It is not necessary, but if you feel I helped make your day unforgettable, 10-20% is the industry recommended amount.

What services do you offer?

We offer several packages to custom tailor your event to your needs.  We also offer a la cart services, in case the package doesn’t fit your needs!  We cover everything from ceremony sound to photobooths, and everything in between!  Check out our additonal services page here

When should we begin planning our music choices?

The planning process is a unique experience for every client.  Some love to plan and will have a full detailed list ready the day after they book.  Other clients will send you their details days or even hours before the event.  We stay flexible to accommodate both styles (or anyone in between) and do not require a "due by" date.  We will reach out periodically to check your planning progress as your event gets closer.  6-8 weeks from your event, you will receive a questionnaire to help plan and organize your songs & events.  We will do a final check-in 1-2 weeks out from each event to ensure all details match and answer any remaining questions you may have!

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